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Choosing a bed is one of the most important things you will ever do. Think how much time you spend in it asleep or otherwise 🙂
It has to give you the level of comfort you need to exactly the right proportions for you and your partner while taking into account the roomsize and decorative content.
There’s a lot to consider –
So let’s start with sizing –  Emperor, Californian Super King, King, Queen, Double – whats your choice?
heres a californian superking we made for a client
Make it wide enough that you can both sleep in comfort and work out what type of mattress you need – Memory foam, sprung, coil, pocket – they all have have their pros and cons.
We use tempura – we have had it for years and its been brilliant. Nights of great sleep and its lasted for years.
Be careful with memory foam as the cheaper versions just don’t last. They wont spring back into shape like they should after a while.
Remember with beds – you get what you pay for so always always buy the best you can afford or you’ll be replacing it really soon.
next question is do you want slats underneath and a wire mesh? slats are great as long as you use strong enough wood and they let the mattress breathe which is very important. It also makes the bed easy to take apart if you need to move it with the headboard and foot board coming off.
Onto decoration – a plain and simple country bed is nice but we like our decorative where we use antique carvings and mouldings to create beautiful beds that are a fest for the eye as well as an oasis of rest for the body.
This is a bed we are very proud of that is now owned by the world’s most famous you tuber – see if you can see it in his girlfriends you tube videos 🙂
Its handpainted and antiqued for age with stunning original antique carvings and a wealth of detail.
We will go into more detail in our next post regarding dimensions and choices of wood so come back see us soon.
You can contact us to discuss your new bespoke handmade bed any time and here’s some beds we have made for clients

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