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Every year we get excited about christmas at Swedish Interior Design.
Its the Swedish in us – Swedes love to decorate, party and make christmas a family time. More special than the consumer fest it has become in the UK.
So we thought we would give you some ideas for your 2014 christmas planning. It obviously helps if you have beautiful swedish antiques around like our antique gustavian dining tables and chairs, antique mora clocks, antique biedermeier sofas or art deco armchairs. But every home can get into the christmas spirit and become a focal point for joy and celebration.
It starts with the Christmas tree of course. Lavishly but stylishly decorated with a combination of antique and modern baubles, stars and of course santas!
You need a roaring log fire to go with the mulled wine and festive munchies – mince pies are good all year round! ( altho not very swedish admittedly).
swedish father christmas
A few festive wreaths perhaps or a lovely bundle of festive firewood
Dont forget the dinner table set for christmas bristling with father christmas figures and festive decorations, candles and holly. Swedes are big on the Christmas dinner which actually happens on Christmas eve in Sweden.
Herring, cheese, homemade saffron bread, home cooked ham, lingon, cumcumbers, salmon, red cabbage, jonsons frestelse, meatballs and much more. Once you have a Swedish ‘julbord’ you absolutely wont be hungry.
Swedish christmas dinner setting swedish advent candles and swedish antique sideboard
And dont forget the christmas tree has got to be BIGGGGGGGGG! Fresh and sweet smelling with presents arrayed around the bottom of the tree guarded by Santa and his Wife……
swedish christmas tree with antique decorations
There’s nothing better than a great quality tree so hunt around – ours was 14″ and looked great.
Of course lots and lots and lots of candles which you can decorate and even put in swedish advent holders and Swedish star lights that give you a soft glow to highlight the beauty in your your antique swedish furniture.
Its a special time so make it special.

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