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Swedish Interior Design

Its time for a change – we have had our beautiful country style kitchen for a while now decorated with marmarino plaster and filled with 1800s swedish kurbits antique furniture in reds, ochres, yellows, oranges and rich earthy tones.
The worktop and cupboards were all handmade in our bespoke workshop from antique oak.
swedish country bespoke kitchen
So to celebrate the new year, we have decided to recreate the kitchen in classic swedish whites to give it a different feel.
To do that we used Ecos Paints – we work very closely with Ecos and love their paints.
They have a wide range of paint textures and they are all non toxic and organic so there are no smells or nasties hiding in the tin! We started to use Ecos about 10 years ago as Madeleine is affected by paint odours due to her ME and we have loved using it.
The walls were repainted in Ecos Super chalky in Dawn mist which has a wonderful texture and the colour shifts from white towards blue as the light softens at the end of the day. It goes on real smooth with a roller , has great coverage and dries very quickly so you can get several coats in a day if you do it right.
Whats even cooler is that ecos have used a photo of our own living room on the paint can – seen here with the lovely Tony Mac who painted the kitchen for us.
kitchen 3
The woodwork was done in Swedish White in Ecos Feng Shui – again dries quickly, goes on smooth and gives a lovely feel to wood surfaces with a matt finish thats wipeable. Recommended!
The ceiling also went Swedish White again in Ecos Super chalky and covered superbly.
Next the floor – its usually a messy business painting floors, but with the Ecos Floor paint it went on easily and if you build it up with 3-4 coats gives a rich thick underfoot finish. This time in Pure White. Great floor paint. It touch dries in about 30 minutes as as long as you give it a good stir, can be applied equally well with brush or roller.
Finally we tried some Ecos Limewash too – this is a trickier paint to use. You need gloves and goggles as its proper limewash and so strongly alkali and you need to know how to apply it for the right effect, but if you take care it looks amazing although its a slow process.
So here’s the end result!
swedish white kitchen repainted in ecos paints
swedish kitchen repainted in ecos white paints white ecos paints kitchen
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