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Swedish Interior Design

french antique plaster image

As the internet has changed over the years, it has become more and more difficult to find the specialist swedish antiques on line that you are looking for.
Do you want an antique swedish biedermeier sofa, an antique art deco armchair, a swedish mora clock or antique gustavian dining table?
Good luck!
Google now seems to be happy to show multiple pages of ebay/etsy/amazon and other mega seller platforms before ranking individual specialists like Swedish Interior Design who will give you the knowledgeable advice that you need when buying your antique piece. Doesn’t help you much does it.After all if you want to look on ebay you will – everyone knows its there and you also know its not really the place to find real qualirty antique pieces
You just need to have the patience ( which is a rare modicum) in this frenzied mobile world to scroll through a number of search pages to find the things you really want – it can be a very frustrating experience and a rather joyless one sometimes too.
The great antiques are out there curated usually by good people so it is worth searching out the smaller vendors to get the level of service and professionalism you really want.
Why buy a mora clock off ebay unless you are after a bargain? If you come to Swedish Interior Design you have years of expwrience to call on, a huge stock that we curate in sweden most often from the original family owners and of course we have the experience to be able to fix any problems with the body paint or face with our skilled repairers and restorers.
So take a stroll through our swedish antiques
find something you like and get in touch and we would be delighted to help you

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