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Swedish Interior Design

I had the honour of being shown around Gustaf Liljencrantz and his beautiful Polish wife’s manor house yesterday. This has always been one of my dream houses with its grand entrance and magnificent grounds.
Gustaf, who owns the house is a wonderful character with an expansive knowledge of the history of Sweden. We spoke of politics, religion, culture and royalty. I only wish my memory was as good as all the information he fed me as we walked around his home. He had paintings of the former Kings and Queens of Sweden, I think there were fifteen in all, he told me the history of them all, fascinating, my head was reeling with information by the time I left. 

swedish manor house

swedish manor house

He has lived in the house since he was a boy. The house has been heritage to his family for years. In fact a fascinating  woman, his aunt, owned the house before his father. She was the first woman to be involved in women’s politics in Sweden. She wanted the government to be run by woman …. an interesting concept. 
antique candelabra and swedish furniture
Some of the rooms were just as they were one hundred years ago, the chandeliers and furniture beautifully in keeping. 
Although they had painted the walls blue, which actually was against the culture law at one time …. did you know that furniture has to be one hundred years old before it can legally be called antique ….
 swedish ceramic stove
swedish ceramic stove
antique gustavian clock
gustavian sofa and chairs
This was the libary, it had once been a sitting room where afternoon coffee was shared and very rarly any food allowed. The libary shelves had been moved from the room next door.
antique swedish books
These are the first ever encylopedias published in France … Just imagine the excitement of having so much information at your fingertips….hard to imagine a time before any question answered just a click away …
antique swedish gustavian chiffonier writing desk
painting of fawns
                                                                         This was his favourite painting …. so beautiful ….
lion painting
This is my favourite piece of all …. a satue of a sleeping lion laying by the fireplace … maybe because it’s I am leo but I felt a real connection to this piece of art …… thank you beautiful Gustaf for sharing your beautiful home  with me… we ended my visit with listening to ava maria …. a perfect song for a perfect afternoon ….

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