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A MC 117 Antique Swedish Mora Bridal Clock Ångermanlandsbrud

We have recently written a long article on antique swedish mora clocks for the lovely Antique Collectors Magazine.
They came to swedish interior design as the leading authority in Europe on antique swedish mora clocks and they asked us to tell their readers something of the history of the mora clock, how they were made, why there are so many differing styles and what to look out for if you would like to start collecting antique swedish mora clocks.
Its always fun doing articles like this which bring together a wealth of information and learning that we have accrued over the last 13 years and making available for the newbie and collector alike as there is always something that you can learn.
In particular we looked at how the different styles of mora clock such as the bridal clocks, jamtland clocks, fryksdalls and so on came about and how they differ in shape and colour and decorative features.
We also discussed the pros and cons of fitting a battery electric mechanism to the antique swedish mora clocks as opposed to using the original and rather poorly made clockwork mechanisms. Some old school collectors would think this is heresy but for ease of use at a time when real horologists are both hard to find and very expensive to use it makes absolute sense to change a battery every 6 months rather than constantly having to restart your clock when youve knocked it or the swing plane has changed because the wood of the body has moved slightly with the change of seasons.
We have 5 antique swedish mora clocks at home and have given each a name as they stand guard over us like guardian angels and its something we think is fun and is part of teh joy of owning the clocks.
We have usually around 50 mora clocks in stock depending on what we have managed to find in Sweden as they become rarer and we have to search further to find them.
Take a look at our current stock of antique swedish mora clocks here and let us know which one is for you

roman numeral mora clock face

roman numeral mora clock face


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