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antique swedish gustavian sofa 5

Continuing our series, we are about to start work on reupholstering a lovely antique swedish gustavian sofa for a client.
It is a lovely piece with lots of carved detail but the seat has sagged and its had one too many children bouncing up and down on it.
So we will need to strip off the current fabric and see whats underneath. It looks like one or several springs in the seat have gone so they may need replacing and we will certainly have to strengthen the webbing and twine mesh that hold the springs in place to provide the firm base for the seat.
Assuming that no repairs are required to the frame (which maybe the case as the frame can split where the supporting nails hold the spring web in place over time), then the next stage is to rebuild the seat to a perfect dome with a combination of natural and horsehair stuffing, cortel and white felt. This creates a firm but comfortable sitting position which is supported by the tension in the 5″ copper coil springs and the black and white webbing.
Next we remove the back pad and restuff that as required and replacing the webbing if it is worn and has lost its elasticity. Its an important factor in providing enough back support to make the sofa good to sit in.
Next after a barrier layer of fire-retardent calico ( although it is not strictly necessary to use on an antique sofa), we then apply the top fabric and of course we have to make up the piping that will run around the edge of the seat and back to make iot look tidy and as a design feature.
Finally we have to finish off by cutting hessian or black cotton cover to fit under the sofa seat to hide the springs and webbing support so it cannot be seen as that would ruin the look and design of the antique swedish gustavian sofa
Then its ready to roll and will provide many years of great family sitting in its chosen room.

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