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Antique Swedish Biedermeier Tables
One thing that never goes out of fashion is the occasional table – in the hall, in the living room, by the bed, as a gaming table or a lamp table.
Just because something is functional doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be beautiful too and contribute to the interior design setting you are creating especially if you are lighting the room with indirect lamps rather than overhead lighting.
Antique Swedish Biedermeier Tables  are just perfect for this usage. They are generally constructed from  birch with a central pillar / column or urn onto a base with 4 small feet – sometimes plain sometimes lions feet.
The table top is usually veneered on quarter or 1/8th veneers using top grade quilted or striped show woods such as golden birch, cherrywood, maple, mahogany etc and finely french polished in a honey coloured finished. This can be augmented with ormulu detailing to create a lovely contrasting look that is very striking.
The french polishing protects the Antique Swedish Biedermeier Tables nicely and gives them a superb sheen and can be easily repaired if scratched.
They tend to be approx 70cm in diameter and the height can vary from 60-70cm unless it is a  Antique Swedish Biedermeier Dropleaf Table in which case the dimensions are usually about 140cm wide with the leaves up and about 70cm deep. The drop leaves are supported by little pull out wooden struts that slide back in under the table top when not in use.
One good thing about the french polish finish is that it is very easy for us to repolish the table a different hue if you need a particular colour to match your design ethos or to act as a counter point to other colours in the room.
So while bigger furniture has in some senses fallen out of fahsion as people get used to apartment living and smaller spaces, Antique Swedish Biedermeier Tables will always fit whatever size of space you have toi use.
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