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Swedish Interior Design

As the UK’s leading destination for Antique Swedish Mora Clocks for sale, Antique Biedermeier furniture & Swedish Art Deco armchairs for sale , We are watching the fracas over Brexit and the Customs Union closely.
The actual stupidity of Brexit itself which seems to be driven now by self serving (and you may notice independently wealthy MPs like the idiotic Boris Johnson and the creepy Rees Mogg) is astounding and I’m sure that if the goverment were to man up and have a second referendum, there would be a resounding Stay vote now that we know the Leave campaign was driven by lies and deceipt.
Britain out of Europe is more likely to become a defunct 3rd world nation reliant on dodgy low tax deals for wealthy russians and the like. I also believe the cost of life will climb rapidly too so watch this space.
Anyhow we hope the flow of Swedish Antiques for sale (where we can still find them in Sweden) will continue unabated but who knows what tariffs and other costs may be introduced after 2020. We will have to review all pricing once the trade agreement is settled ( if it ever is) and we would hope that antiques as they are at the moment will continue to be free of import duty although the cost of transport will inevitably increase.
So its a good time to think for the future and grab those swedish antiques you have been thinking about at todays very reasonable pricing – fancy a swedish mora clock? Antique Biedermeier sofa for sale? Swedish Art Deco table and matching armchairs?
We can just keep our fingers crossed that all the Brexit madness falls at the last hurdle and its time for the people to be heard – If Theresa May cared as much for you and I as she does for retaining her hold on power ( which is why she is pandering to the absurd right wing tory minority and UK xenophobes), then a new referendum would come and this stupid adventure would be over,
Otherwise it’s goodbye blighty on the world stage and I especially feel sorry for the 20-30 year olds who will be denied the chance to work and live freely in any country that they choose as we have been able to do for so long.
Let us pray 🙂
PS – we keep hearing about all the Brexit savings/money we are going to get back  which the OBR incidentally has now said doesnt exist) – you are welcome to spend your brexit bonus here.

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