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Swedish Interior Design

I love furniture that has life. Furniture that looks like it could dance right into your arms. Once many years ago I was walking past an antique shop and I spotted this chest of drawers. She had all the curves in the right places. Yes I say she … furniture is definitely defined by its shape, in my eyes anyway, rendering it male or female.
And this chest of draws was unquestionably a woman, and she was calling me, a beautiful gustavian woman, with curved legs and billowing drawers, and beautiful ornate gold handles. I visualized her in my bedroom, saw myself filling her draws with silk and lace.
I couldn’t really afford her.
antique swedish gustavian drawers
In my pocket I had a cheque, for almost the exact amount. This cheque was on its way to the bank to pay a monthly debt to another store, almost the exact price as the chest of drawers.
And then I figured that in many years later I wouldn’t remember paying the store but I would enjoy this piece of furniture for a lifetime. I tore up the check and before I knew it I had handed my card over to the seller and arranged for a delivery date.
I still have this chest of drawers and have never regretted it. I paid the store of course, they just had to wait a while. I am not suggesting you do this of course – I am just saying when you find the right piece you know its yours. It calls to you. It has your name on it.

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