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antique swedish biedermeier sofa 1

Antique Swedish Biedermeier Sofas
The world is changing and people now have a lot less space to play with than used to be the case. Apartment living is the thing for a lot of people and the pace of life and the new digital way of living (with your face buried in your smartphone) means other things are now often more important than where you live.
Its a shame as creating a stunning environment to live in is great for the soul – it breathes life into you and helps you cope with the stress of the outside world.
This is why special furniture like our swedish antique biedermeier sofas are so popular – you may have rooms full of cheap and cheerful chinese made stuff and reproduction furniture but it can all look so much better when it lives in the shade of a true piece of craftmanship like an swedish antique biedermeier sofa.
Its not just the way it is made that sets an antique biedermeier sofa apart – the intrinsic design concept is both classic and modern at the same time and the choice of fabric for the upholstery can make the antique sofa blend into any environment.
It is both curvaceous and minimalist at the same time with stunning show woods like cherry wood, birds eye maple and quilted golden birch used for the french polished veneers that decorate the hand cut birch frames. Usually in a light honey colour finish that brings out the switl movement and richness of the chosen show wood.
Most importantly the fully sprung seats makes for very comforatble sitting and they are also great to lie across if you need a TV couch – so much better than the squishy toxic foam filled chinese rubbish sofas that so many companies are now flogging – some even rebadging them in Europe to claim euro manufacture when they are just chinese yuk.
But you  pays your money and takes your choice as they say – i know which one i prefer!

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