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Swedish Interior Design

When you are decorating your home, there are certain spaces that call for specific ideas, shapes or sizes of decorative feature.
Thats when you think of an antique mora clock.
Antique mora clocks  have a unique presence in your home, standing like beautiful guardian angels over your life. They come in all shapes and sizes from a diminutive 180cm to a majestic 250cm tall.
Width wise they tend to be between 50-60cm wide with a depth of 25cm.
Usually they are made from pine but occasionally we se them in oak or one occasion the body was routed from a single birch tree trunk like a canoe – very cool.
Colourwise they come in the classic swedish neutrals but also you find them regularly in folk art kurbits finishes with rustic reds ochres browns yellows and oranges in the classic leaf / feather motifs of the kurbits genre.
They feature fantastically well in the kitchen , dominating the hallway or the turn in the stairs. If you choose a grander antique mora clock. with a host of fine decorative features that can fit nicely in your living room bedroom or salon providing a real feast for the eye.
Features may include a wide expansive belly, scroll work at the neck and waist, chinoiserie scenes painted on the front, elaborate hood ornamentation including crowns and feather motifs, gilt style handpainted designs and other decorative patterning.
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