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Swedish Interior Design

Some classic pieces of design never go out of fashion and swedish antique art deco armchairs are one such piece of design history.
Whatever interior design setting you have in mind , our swedish antique art deco armchairs will blend perfectly with your design ethos. If its a traditional vibe, they will be a perfect match for your visualisation with the classic design and craftsmanship that all these antique armchairs posses.
Use traditional fabrics and upholstery techniques and it will enhance their beauty of the setting with scroll gymp gently curving around the edges.
Alternatively you can use swedish antique art deco armchairs in a classic art deco setting which perfectly suits the golden birch bentwood arms and upright seating. You would upholster in a classic deco fabric or perhaps a top grade italian leather with contrasting double piping that we would make up specially for you from fabric or leather that you supply.
The seats in these armchairs are fully sprung with deep 5″ copper coil springs that provide a firm but super comfortable seat for perfect sitting and the backs are strongly webbed with black and white webbing.
This gives you form back support and as they are reasonably high it allows you to sit all evening in maximum comfort.
The 3rd alternative is an ultra modern setting where you would use the classic design of the swedish antique art deco armchairs as a canvas for an ultra modern fabric so that it is the fabric that is ‘doing the talking’ rather than the design of the armchairs. It would sit well amongst minimalist design, metal, neo- industrial or even swedish post modern depending on the look you were wanting to achieve.
As we specialise in this type of upholstery we can take the swedish antique art deco armchairs you choose from our stock and reupholster them correctly and perfectly on any fabric, linen or leather that you supply and of course we can make up single or double piping by the metre.
We can also reupholster your own armchairs and sofas if you want to freshen them up – get in contact with us for an upholstery quote or to discuss our lovely stick of swedish antique art deco armchairs

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